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Ongoing: In Case You Missed it Mondays - USC-Canada news roundup

Wed. Nov. 9 - Council of Canadians Annual General Meeting, Maude Barlow speaker
Fri. Nov. 18 - Recovery Park: repurposing Detroit's neighbourhoods.
Sat. Nov. 19 - Conference: Urban Agriculture - London's Food Future

Sat. Nov. 26 - Permaculture Design Presentations at The Living Centre

Wednesday, Dec. 21 - Return of the Light Solstice Celebration



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In Case You Missed It Mondays

Each week, USC-Canada posts In Case You Missed It Mondays, news from many sources and aspects of agriculture and food production. 

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Council of Canadians Annual General Meeting, with Maude Barlow

Wednesday evening, November 9, 2016 ... further details to be announced

The agenda for the AGM will include reports and election of officers on the Steering Committee and consideration of proposed amendments, if any, to the by-laws. Nominations of candidates willing to stand for positions on the Steering Committee will be accepted up to Wednesday November 2, 2016. Officers to be elected are:  Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Media and Communications Chair, and Website and Social Media Administrator. Any proposed amendments to the by-laws will be accepted only if received prior to Sunday October 9, 2016. Current by-laws are attached:  http://londoncouncilofcanadians.ca/Bylaws.pdf

Council of Canadians London contact: Robert Cory (“Rory”),Website/SocialMediaAdmin - londoncouncilofcanadians.ca

RecoveryPark: Repurposing Detroit Neighbourhoods

Friday, November 18, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
121 Studios, 211 King Street (at Clarence), London ...  at the unLondon location

Bonus!  Even before Saturday’s Urban Agriculture conference ... Gary Wozniak, director of The Recovery Park project in Detroit will be speaking about the organization, particularly the RecoveryPark Farms,  a business which grows specialty foods within the city to sell to some of Detroit’s best restaurants.  Along the way it fulfils the Recovery Park mission.

The Recovery Park development strategy is to leverage Detroit’s “underutilized assets:a large available workforce, abundant open space, access to fresh water, extensive infrastructure and a wide array of manufacturing and technology companies. ... creating job opportunities for Detroit’s residents  and in helping returning citizens and challenged workers return to the work force.”  

Recovery Park:  www.recoverypark.org ........ Recovery Park Farms: http://www.recoveryparkfarms.com/

unLondon: www.unlondon.ca
Enabling Exploration, Creativity, and Excellence In Art+Make+Tech
UnLondon supports and enables excellence, edification and the flowering of innovation in the art-make-tech, startup and entrepreneurial communities in Southwestern Ontario and beyond, through facilities, education, and advocacy.
(unLondon - 211 King St., is housed in the building where Novack's used to be)

Urban Agriculture: London's Food Future

Saturday, November 19 - 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There's an urban agriculture conference in the works with speakers and participant input. This is a free event! Details are now posted on the Library website right here! You may register for the sessions now.

There will be 6 sessions, including: Urban Agriculture Policy for Municipalities with Lauren Baker, Toronto Food Policy Council and Ellen Lakusiak of London's about-to-be food policy council; Food Security through Urban Agriculture with Angela Elzinga Cheng of FoodShare Toronto and Becky Ellis of EarthMagic Permaculture.

Organizing of this event is a partnership of the Advisory Committee on Environment and the Agriculture Advisory Committee (two of the City's volunteer committees) and the London Public Library.

Permaculture Design Presentations at The Living Centre

Saturday November 26, 2016            1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
The Living Centre, 5871 Bells Rd., London

The Living Centre invites you to learn, and to celebrate with the Centre’s newly certified Permaculture Design students.  From the Living Centre’s email:

Each Permaculture Design team will present a project based on what they have learned over the past year. 

The three design projects include:
1)To Establish and create an off-the-grid educational eco-centre, homestead design with a edible forest garden for self-sufficiency surrounding a tranquil pond.
2)To Regenerate and transform an old farm house with alternative energy for an natural health clinic and residency with an edible snack trail using permaculture principles and practices.
3) To Design and landscape an open field into an ecological forest garden nursery, which includes geodesic dome, greenhouses and propagation facilities, an off-the grid shoppe and a permaculture business plan.

The projects will include: natural building ideas, water catchment and sustainable resource use, forest garden landscape design, energy and economic systems of the future, and social Permaculture. The ecological designs are to educate, demonstrate and inspire us in in the 'how tos' of  creating a regenerative future.  

This is a Free Event!  However, we do ask that you RSVP so that we can prepare the space accordingly, thanks!   A Special Presentation will also be offered by Lorenna & Shantree Kacera to launch the afternoon.  Tea and desserts will be served.

The Living Centre:  http://www.thelivingcentre.com

Return of the Light: Winter Solstice Celebration at The Living Centre

Wednesday, December 21, 2016   
Please arrive at 6:45. We will begin promptly at 7pm. and end at 10pm. 
PLACE:  Spirit of the Earth, The Living Centre, 5871 Bells Rd., London, ON.
A DONATION of $15 - $20 supports the costs of the Centre and desserts provided

The Living Centre once again invites you to join them and “millions of people all over the world who will be sharing in prayer and song, dance and chanting, meditation and ritual as we celebrate the return of the light and the power to create a new era on Earth.”
The evening will include song, conversation, good food and a “Give-Away” Ceremony ...
- bring in your mind a specific-as-possible fear or block that is holding you back
- bring an actual item that has some meaning to you – a “feeling value” and that you are willing to part with
- by willingly giving away an item you show the universe that you are ready to give away the fear

More information about the evening is here: http://www.thelivingcentre.com/cms/events/ecstatic-peace-winter-solstice-celebration
Please RSVP to help Lorenna and Shantree plan this event.

info@thelivingcentre  www.thelivingcentre.com 519-652-9109








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